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Rehau North American Headquarters
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Rehau North America
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REHAU, a leading provider of innovative polymer-based solutions in construction, automotive and industry, expanded their North American Headquarters campus with the addition of a $13M development consisting of a new four-level, 76,000 SF office building, extensive site work/landscaping, and an additional four hundred surface parking spaces. The Palladium is the first phase for a 50-year master plan campus designed to house he companies growing staff.

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KGD’s master plan for the site surrounds historic Fort Evans with a ring of low office buildings nestled in the hillside. The building’s arced shape serves to maximize its view of the Fort, the Potomac River, and Sugarloaf Mountain by elongating the building’s northeastern façade and cladding it in floor-to-ceiling windows. The southwestern façade is punched with deeply recessed windows to passively shade the building from harsh southwestern light, reduce glare, and lower cooling costs. The project is designed as a showcase for the company’s exclusive products that include radiant floor heating system and commercial window systems.